App4Fee Factory Management

This is a very intuitive application for managing all your activities in the factory. It include receiving material, reducing stock of materials as they are being utilised for production. Recording or entering daily production quantities and making sales. Advanced analytic features for viewing sales records is also included.

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Basic Functionalities
  • add product category
  • record daily production
  • record raw materials received
  • record daily sales & expenses
  • report generation, etc
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Factory Requirements
  • A computer system
  • Internet service
  • Source of electricity
  • Basic knowlege in computers
  • Subscription continuity
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Why is it so great?

Wait! Wait!! Wait!!!. Did you really ask that question and wants a response? Okay, Read on to find just three (3) of the various reasons you should have subscribed way back.


Our production and sales analysis report identifies the actual production and sales of a company over time. The report shows if sales are increasing or declining. The Sales Analytics serves as the tools you need to analyse data for your business in one place, so you can make smarter decisions.


By providing your team with software training, they'll benefit from increased knowledge and therefore, increased usability. This allows employees to solve issues by themselves, increasing efficiency and promoting a healthy work environment.


We are always here to serve you and primarily to address all technical issues relating to software implementation, function and upgrades. Our technical team resolves customer complaints or problems as quickly as they can.

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Period Price
Monthly 400.00 100.00
Quarterly 1,000.00 250.00
Bi-Annual 1,800.00 450.00
Annual 3,200.00 800.00
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